Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Five real life things that have reminded me of videogames this week:

1. What? Small Dog is evolving!
Saw a couple walking a dog, then saw them again later on, but with a different dog. Or maybe it was the same one, and it fought a few Pidgeys and levelled up. Our cat is such a slacker. She's stayed the same for about twelve years now.

2 The Temple of Tesco
I went on a fetch quest to get some shopping. I'm inclined to think Tesco isn't entirely unlike a Zelda game. There's no bosses, but you collect items, and make sure you have enough rupees cos the business scrubs aren't to be messed with. Also there's a quick puzzle where you have to fit all your stuff into one bag. Actually, that bit's more like Resident Evil 4.

3. Patrick fell asleep for 2 turns
I was a bit ill over the weekend. No symptoms except I slept fitfully for about 48 consecutive hours. It was less an illness and more like a status ailment. Maybe I'd encountered a Jigglypuff.

4. They're waiting for you Gordon... in the test chamber
I know this has been said before, but the Hadron Collider thing. I mean it's just a resonance cascade waiting to happen isn't it? I'm stocking up on supplies right now. Don't blame me when the Combine hop through and take over the world.

5. Light bloom
I woke up this morning and the sun was so bright I could barely see through my window. It was like sodding next-gen all over again.

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